Equus (Equus) caballus Linnaeus, 1758

Equus (Equus) caballus : Australian Brumby


Reference: https://www.anbg.gov.au/biography/linnaeus.html

Australian Brumbies and horses alike, are being shown no remorse as they are being killed in the hundreds, during the year 2020.

Departments are providing outdated data and are ignoring requests for a recount, and continue killing and domesticating the wild Australian Brumbies that have lived on this Nation for over 200 years, and it is this reason that we must not let this loss go un noticed.

We must hold those accountable for the detrimental demise of the Australian Brumbies and the mental impact it is having within communities impacting on their peace and enjoyment, and the signicant repurcussions on the health of community members.

Some Australian Brumbies and Horses such as ‘Sunday Poet’ a former race horse were secretly sent to the knackeries across the Nation under the cloak of darkness, to hide the failure of owners.

Currently National Parks across the Nation are trapping mares, stallions and foals much like the one’s shown above, then sending them to yard sales, where only a few lucky one’s are bought for private use and the unfortunate are sent to slaughter at a near by knackery for pet food.

This current act of cruelty to the above stallion, mare & foal, should be a clear wake up to ALL, that there is seriously a problem.

Communities from each state have been tirelessly fighting for the protection and community managed programs to keep the Aussie Brumbies in their place of origin, and the battle has been ongoing.

Who is behind this, and what should we be doing to stop this??

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