TERRI ANN BAXTER, is a Private Foundation, with a passion for the Australian Brumbies.

We are a group of ladies that have high expectation, big hearts and a big mission, that will out last us in years to come.

There is no excuse for the wrong that has been done to the Australian Brumbies, that feeling only another old soul could comprehend.

~:We can set things right:~

The Australian Brumbies were brought to Australia in 1788, by boats, they didn’t ask to be brought here, thousands of miles away from their home.

Still they came, used for the purpose of leading into battle, and later on becoming work horses, stock horses, many whipped, starved and killed and nothing has changed.

Now it’s our turn. Our turn to care for them and watch over them as it were intended.

Roaming freely across this Nation for over two hundred years, and sadly the numbers have reduced signicantly over the years due to drought, fires, floods and MAN KIND.

Lies, coercion and trickery, as they slink off into the night to abandon a great Aussie Icon ‘Sunday Poet’.
Scared and frightened as he heard the sound and watched his pal drop and fall to the floor. ‘Sunday Poets feet stumble as his pal, the horse with no name disapears beneath the wall. I watched him being dragged under the wall through the hole, I became scared. A piece of plastic pipe comes out of nowhere and hits me on the head, I step back and then I’m pushed forward again. It’s you turn the man yells! ‘bang’ the shot rings out but misses , another rings out, this mighty icon falls to the cold hard floor. Where is my warm straw I thought, as I’m is dragged through the hole beneath me. Why am I going through this hole, what did I do that was so wrong! Through the hole and hung up like a rag doll by one foot, wait there’s still light in my eyes, where did my pal go!!. Why does it hurt so bad. Did I not win the race for you. what did I do wrong. What did I do wrong, I won you your purse! What did I do so wrong! Am I being punished! Did I not run fast enough, no wait! it hurt so much now the light has gone. The man shows no mercy, as he pulls out his knife and makes his final mark.
In memory of ‘Sunday Poet’©

It is this very reason, as the beneficiaries of this land entrusted to us by our forebears that we do everything we can to keep the Australian Brumbies free, living on their place of historical origin.

Provividing an appropriate healthy lifestyle and good management, the Australian Brumbies will live healthy and free lives for future generations to also engoy.

Mother dearest, why is that man yelling, where are you going! I can’t see you, where are you! The young foal neighs loudly, but her mother doesn’t come. She is left alone in the darkness, wainting for her mother but still she does come. Oh mother, where are you, I’m thirsty and I’m getting scared.
There’s a big dog over there, I think he’s going to bite me. Oh mother where are you. It’s getting darker now and I can’t see that big dog, oh no it has me now. I must run, but run where, I can’t see in the dark my eyes aren’t fully focused yet. Oh no that big dog grabbed my leg, it hurts! I am runnig as fast as I can, but that big dog is upon me now, I feel his teeth biting me. Oh mother where are you. Mother I can’t move now, it hurts so bad, that big dog has is hurting me and I can’t run to you. Oh mother where are you.
I’m getting weak now mother, please come back, oh mother I can’t see you now. That big dog has hurt my head and it;s bleeding everywhere. Oh mother, I can’t breath now,

In memory of every lost soul. ‘OH MOTHER WHERE ARE YOU!’©

While we also take into account our Brumbies, we should also take into account the cultural and historical significant role they play within the eco system.

We all know that horse manure makes our gardens grow, so why not the eco system,and why not leave the Austrlain Brumbies to improve the balance of flora and fauna, which has lived in harmony for hundreds of years.

As I sit here writting this, I hear those scoff around me, but I am not writing this for them I am writing this and pledging my time to all the lost souls.

Armed with so many reasons as to why it is important for us to change our ways and reboot the mindset we need to change the way think if we are to make any sense of what goes on in this crazy world we now live in, if we can’t see the real issues and refocus our efforts towards the much bigger issues, then we are no better than the man that made that final mark and we may as well stop caring, stop living and turn our back on that big dog as it takes away the light.

The TERRI ANN BAXTER LEGACY, endevours to pledge support to community groups, in their mission to save and protect the values, heritage and existence of the Australian Brumbies while the light still shines through to the old soul.

Should you have as much passion for the Aussie Brumbies as the ladies behind this cause, and would like to participate in the amazing journey with many dedicated and very passionate groups, we would love to have you on board.

There are often times when things don’t go according to plan , but we know every ounce of effort that goes in, turns around and outweighs by ten fold.

So come on in, and help us RECLIAM AUSSIE BRUMBIES.

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